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Geremy Johnson, Esq.

Lawyer & Founder

Geremy is a U.S. lawyer with a speciality in international law in the areas on privacy, trade, and development. He has spoken on multiple continents as a legal thought leader. Geremy is the lead attorney at Johnson Global Advisory and began his career as an Assistant District Attorney for City of Philadelphia.

Rosie Dorce Johnson

Board Member

Rosie brings a wealth of digital marketing knowledge having a background in the areas of marketing automation and customer relationship management. Rosie has worked at Google, Mastercard, Audible, and Verizon. She is also a marketing adjunct professor at Columbia University.

Armond Walker

Board Member

Armond has a thorough background in computer information systems focusing on cloud technology databases and data modeling. Armond has worked at Accenture, AT&T, and has consulted with SMEs.