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Affidavit Free Contract
Free Affidavit Contract

When a person wants to declare that a particular set of facts are true, an affidavit is a great legal document to use. An affidavit is a sworn written statement about facts that the individual holds to be true. This is typically sworn to in front of an officer such as a notary public.

An affidavit is used for many reasons such as:

  1. To show ownership of items,
  2. Real Estate Transactions,
  3. Police Reports,
  4. Testimony for people that are unavailable to appear in court for reasons such as illness, death, or out of the country, and much more.

Here is a Sample General Affidavit Document.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Free Non Disclosure Agreement NDA Contract
Free Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Contract

Often before individuals decide to do business together, they will have negotiations and share valuable information with each other. To ensure the confidential information remains private and non-public, a Non-Disclosure Agreement is a great document to have.

Here is a Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Nonprofit Documents

Free Non Profit Contracts
Free Non Profit Contracts

Nonprofits have many legal issues and will need to have a grasp on the law. Below are two sample document that will help many nonprofits.

  1. The Board of Directors Agreement

When you’re starting a nonprofit, one of the first things that you need to do is understand the importance of your Board of Directors. The board of directors has a legal obligation to oversee the administration and the management of the nonprofit.

Here is a Sample Board of Director Agreement.

2. Donation Receipt

One of the benefits for donors is that their donations are tax-deductible. Charities that receive donations of $250 or more are required by law to provide the donor with a receipt.

Here is a Sample Donation Receipt.

Credit Repair

Free Credit Repair Legal Documents
Free Credit Repair Legal Documents

In the United States, an individual’s credit score is very important. With a good credit score, an individual can borrow money to purchase goods and services such as:

  1. Houses
  2. Cars,
  3. Credit Cards,
  4. etc.

If you are an immigrant in the United States or a person without any credit, using secured credit cards and lines of credit are a great way to build a good credit score.

However, often times, individuals fail to pay bills for a variety of resources. Many of these items are overdue and in collections. There is hope and a person can actually begin to improve their credit with the help of these letters.

Here is a Sample Credit Report and Debt Validation Letter