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Off the Grid Living – Use the Law to Successfully Stay Independent

The use of real estate has always been a sure fire way to success. Throughout history, real estate has been used for:

i) farming,

ii) building housing,

iii) exploiting the mineral, energy, or air rights, and

iv) off the grid living

These real estate business models still work very well today. However, off-grid living is growing in popularity and allows individuals to combine many of these land uses in a way that maximizes environmental efficiency.

Opulence and the Finest Luxuries is Explored with off the grid living

Off the grid living is a way of life that allows individuals to live sustainably without the need for assistance of the government, utility companies, and grocery stores. These individuals still surround themselves with opulence and the finest luxuries, while still having time to vacation all over the world.

Understanding state laws will allow individuals who choose to live off the grid the best possible chance to succeed.

off the grid living
Understanding state laws will allow individuals who choose to live off-grid the best possible chance to succeed.

In addition, these individuals:
1. Grow their own organic food,
2. Energize their houses through solar and wind energy, and
3. Have environmentally friendly water systems.

With this way of living, it is important to learn the law and the apply the legal strategies to grow wealth while enjoying life on your terms.

Use the Law to Fiercely Protect your Way of Living

If you decide to enjoy this lifestyle and environment, you want to fiercely protect your way of living at all costs. One way to protect your way of living is to put your assets in a limited liability entity such as an Limited Liability Company in the U.S. or a Private Limited Company that many other countries offer. In addition, a Land Trust in the U.S. can own the land which will offer the owners an aspect of anonymity. These legal strategies will minimize the chances of being personally liable for lawsuits.

The Business of Off the Grid Living

A key business idea is to create surplus. If there is a surplus of farmed food, you can sell it at the local markets. If there is surplus energy, you can sell the surplus amount to the local power company. It is important to negotiate the best Power Purchase Agreement to ensure you maximize your profits. Generating income will help minimize the need to tap into any potential savings you may have. It is important to check the laws and regulations of your country and state to ensure you are living in accordance to the law.

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Geremy Johnson
Geremy Johnsonhttps://www.geremyjohnson.com/
Geremy is a lawyer based in the United States focused on global development pertaining to privacy and compliance, capacity-building through partnerships and trainings, and supporting cultural development projects for increased tourism. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for the City of Philadelphia, later moving on to help global startups and small and medium sized businesses with holistic legal strategies to launch and run operations.


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