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Do International Lawyers Go to Court?

Yes, international lawyers go to court if their legal focus pertains to litigation matters involving international law. International lawyers play an important role in society and are needed to ensure international laws are enforced and ensure the free flow of goods, services, and individuals. To become an international lawyer, there are a few steps individuals need to pursue. In addition, there are certain legal cases that typically require a lawyer to litigate a case in an international court.

What is an International Lawyer? 

An international lawyer is an individual who is licensed to practice law and focuses his/her legal practice on international matters. There are international lawyers in almost every country because countries participate in international trade and interact with other countries and companies. How these countries and multinational corporations interact with each other will impact international law because these entities may be governed by conflicting rules. Therefore, it is important to have contracts in place that govern how these international entities interact with each other.

How to Become an International Lawyer? 

In order to become an international lawyer, an individual must attend a law school and either work for a law firm with international clients, or acquire his/her own international clients. Many of these international clients will be companies, however, some international clients may be individuals involved in class action lawsuits against multinational corporations for negligent practices. 

Why Does an International Lawyer Go to Court?

International lawyers may go to court to settle disputes that involve international matters. Many disputes may include the following:

  • International trade involving violations of trade agreements between countries such as the implementation of anti-dumping and countervailing duties,
  • International arbitration that did not come to a resolution and now requires litigation in a court, 
  • Criminal matters that are handled in the International Criminal Court, and many others.

Lawyers who practice international law play an important role because they ensure international laws and agreements are followed. Without proper collaboration and cooperation with the rule of law, goods and services would not be able to transfer efficiently. This may cause disruption in a globally connected world.


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