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Do International Lawyers Travel?

Yes, international lawyers travel, depending on their job duties. International lawyers in both the public and private sector travel for many reasons such as business development, seminars, training, and to conduct court hearings. In addition, international lawyers travel by a variety of methods such as airplanes, cars, and boats. 

What types of international lawyers travel? 

International lawyers focus on international law and will either work in the public sector or the private sector. Private sector jobs include for profit companies such as law firms and multi-national corporations. Public sector jobs typically involve governmental related jobs such as the United Nations (UN) or the International Criminal Court (ICC). International lawyers working in both sectors may travel for many reasons. 

Why do International Lawyers Travel?

lawyers do travel internationally on taxis and ubers/lyfts
Lawyers will often grab taxis and ubers/lyfts as they travel to airports for international travel.

International Lawyers travel for a variety of reasons which may include:

  • Business development trips to meet clients for new business to their law firm or company,
  • Closing the legal components of transactions,
  • Conducting depositions as part of pre-trial work,
  • Company retreats, 
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) trainings, etc.

Lawyers take a variety of modes of transportation when they travel.

How do International Lawyers Travel?

International lawyers travel by airplane, car, train, and boat. In reality, lawyers will likely take more than one manner of transportation when traveling. For example, they may take a car to the airport, followed by an airplane ride, and then another car ride to their hotel.

What are the best vehicles to travel internationally?

There are many vehicles to take when traveling internationally. For traveling through the air, a private jet or a commercial helicopter would likely be better than flying commercially. Hiring a driver in a luxury car would likely be better than taking a car or riding in a fully occupied city bus. In addition, hiring a boat or yacht may be better than taking the city ferry.

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