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What does the USAID do?

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a United States federal government agency that provides grants and government contracts for foreign aid. Assistance is typically provided to low-income countries all over the world and is based on the USAID’s five core areas. Based in Washington D.C., the USAID is one of the world’s most impactful organizations.

When was the USAID founded?

The USAID was founded on November 3, 1961, as a way to organize the United States’ efforts to provide assistance to the countries. The US has historically provided assistance in the form of grants and loans. However, with the creation of the USAID, a structured agency now exists to provide assistance relief. USAID plays a role in international law, as the funds it disperse can minimize human rights violations and increase international trade.

Who does the USAID give money to? 

The USAID gives funds to a variety of sources including governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), companies, and nonprofits / public charities. The work of these entities support the USAID’s five core areas.

USAID’s Five Core Areas

The USAID focuses on 5 core subjects areas which include:

  1. Disaster relief,
  2. Poverty relief,
  3. Technical cooperation on global issues, including the environment,
  4. U.S. bilateral interests, and
  5. Socioeconomic development

What is a Nonprofit/Charity?

A nonprofit or charity is a legal entity that often performs the “functions typically identified

with government—helping the disadvantaged, providing social services”, according to “The future of the nonprofit sector: Its entwining with private enterprise and government.” by Burton A. Weisbrod.

Nonprofits often receive contracts and grants from the USAID, but it is important to understand that for-profit companies typically win USAID contracts and grants as well.

What Does the USAID Stand for?

USAID is not a proper word, it is actually an acronym and its full form is the United States Agency for International Development. This is often not known, but it is crucial to understand if a person or company wants to apply for USAID grants or government contracts.

The USAID plays a very important role in society. The USAID is such an important agency that “USAID que es”, a Spanish phrase meaning “USAID what is”, is a popular search on Google.

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