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How Often Do Lawyers Do Pro Bono Work?

Lawyers typically do pro bono work every year. Nine US States require pro bono work to be reported annually. In addition, many companies require their legal employees to do pro bono every year. Many voluntary acts will count towards pro bono work, and both society and the lawyers benefit by participating in pro bono work.

What are the US States that Require Reporting of Pro Bono Work?

The nine US States that require lawyers to report their pro bono work include:

  1. Florida,
  2. Illinois,
  3. Indiana,
  4. Maryland, 
  5. Minnesota,
  6. Mississippi,
  7. Nevada,
  8. New Mexico, and
  9. New York

In addition, 13 states have voluntary reporting of pro bono activities including:

  1. Arizona, 
  2. Connecticut, 
  3. Georgia, 
  4. Kentucky,
  5. Louisiana, 
  6. Montana,
  7. North Carolina, 
  8. Ohio, 
  9. Oregon, 
  10. Tennessee, 
  11. Texas,
  12. Virginia, and 
  13. Washington

What is Pro Bono Work?

pro bono work
Both lawyers and the clients benefit from pro bono work

Pro Bono legal work are services that lawyers perform at free or reduced cost. The ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct states every lawyer has a responsibility to provide legal work to individuals that can not afford them, according to “Cultures of commitment: pro bono for lawyers and law students.” by Deborah L. Rhode. Pro bono work is important for many reasons.

Why is Pro Bono Work Important? 

Pro Bono work is important because it allows individuals that can not afford a lawyer’s legal fees to have quality legal advice and services. 

What are the Benefits of Pro Bono Work?

Pro bono work provides access to quality legal work, for individuals who can not afford the often expensive legal fees of law firms. Individuals will get these legal services for free or at a reduced rate. In addition, lawyers benefit from pro bono work because it allows them to explore areas of law that they may not have experience with. They can continue to develop their legal expertise on legal projects they may not be employed to do.

How Lawyers can be Prepared for Pro Bono Clients.

Lawyers can have the opportunity to help pro bono clients when they are prepared. One way they can do this is by having a library of contracts and having strong legal research skills. For example, pro bono clients may need help with a rental lease, and a lawyer that has it will be positioned to do well.

Lawyers may also participate in international law pro bono matters as well.


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