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Do Lawyers Work Weekends?

Yes, lawyers do work weekends if their job role requires it. However, most legal jobs do not require weekend work, and only a small number of legal jobs will require a lawyer to work on the weekend. There are many health issues that may arise from working every day that individuals need to be aware of.

Do Lawyers Work 7 Days a Week?

No, lawyers do not work seven days a week because most legal duties do not require work every day. Courthouses are not open on the weekends, and the lawyers’ clients do not typically work on the weekends. However, in rare circumstances, a lawyer may work seven days a week.

Do Lawyers Work on Sundays?

Yes, some lawyers work on Sundays. If there is a pressing deadline on the next day or if they have to prepare for a Monday court date, lawyers may work on Sunday to be properly prepared. However, generally, lawyers do not work on Sundays.

Are there Health Risks if a Lawyer works Every day?

Health risk for lawyers overwork work life balance
Lawyers that work a lot may suffer from health and stress related issues.

Yes, there can be health risks if a lawyer works every day. “In North America and Western Europe a number of studies have demonstrated a significant relationship between high job strain (high production demands and low levels of control and social support) and cardiovascular disease”, according to “Karoshi—death from overwork: occupational health consequences of Japanese production management.” by Katsuo Nishiyama and Jeffrey V. Johnson.

Therefore, it is important for lawyers and individuals that are interested in becoming lawyers to understand the importance of work life balance.

Do Lawyers have a Good Work Life Balance?

No, lawyers do not have a good work life balance depending on the nature of their job role. Work-life balance is generally defined “as an individual’s ability to meet their work and family commitments, as well as other non-work responsibilities and activities”, according to “Work life balance” by Pithalice Delecta.

If a lawyer is a new associate at a large international law firm or a beginning Assistant District Attorney, the lawyer will be working a lot of hours and may have to work one day on the weekend. However, if the lawyer only has to work from 9 am to 5 pm, then that lawyer will have an excellent work life balance.


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