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Is Pre Law a Bachelor’s Degree? This interesting Answer might Surprise you.

Every year incoming freshmen will pick a major and is it not uncommon for a student to ask “Is Pre Law a Bachelor’s Degree?” Most U.S. universities do not have a pre law bachelor’s degree, but they do have many bachelor’s degrees with pre law concentration such as:

  • Political Science,
  • Philosophy,
  • History,
  • Economics, and 
  • Criminal Justice.

It is better to choose a bachelor’s degree with a pre law concentration, instead of majoring in a pre law bachelor’s degree. This is because you will likely increase your job prospects, if you decide to work a few years before attending law school or to not attend law school at all. It is common for many people to work a year or so before attending law school.

Is Pre Law a Bachelor’s Degree?

What Bachelor’s Degree Should You Choose?

There is not a best bachelor’s degree to obtain in order to attend a US law school. You can basically graduate with any bachelor’s degree and still attend your dream law school. You want to pick a major that you are interested in and where you will make good grades. It is important to look good on paper, and having a great GPA will make your law school application stronger. There are other tactics to use to make your law school application strong as well.

Strategies for Getting into Law School

You can also join your university’s Pre Law Club. There you will meet with a group of like minded individuals and often have direct access to admissions officers from the various top law schools. It is very important to have a good LSAT score and GPA to get into a US law school. In addition, obtaining recommendations from your professors that teach in the concentration courses will be very beneficial to strengthen your law school application.

A pre law bachelor’s degree can be a viable option if your school offers one, but it is probably wise to choose a bachelor’s degree with a pre law concentration.

Geremy Johnson
Geremy Johnsonhttps://www.geremyjohnson.com/
Geremy is a lawyer based in the United States focused on global development pertaining to privacy and compliance, capacity-building through partnerships and trainings, and supporting cultural development projects for increased tourism. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for the City of Philadelphia, later moving on to help global startups and small and medium sized businesses with holistic legal strategies to launch and run operations.


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