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What is a Great LSAT Score and how you can Obtain one?

The average score for the Law School Admission Test is about 151 on a 120-180 score range. Therefore, any LSAT score over the 151 mark is a good score because you are doing better than 50% of all other test takers. What is a great LSAT score, is likely 167 and above because the score will put you in the 95 percentile where you will score more than 95% of all test takers.

You will likely be accepted to many elite US law schools, assuming you have a good GPA, personal statement, recommendations, and internships / extracurricular activities. However, it is critical to know that the LSAT is just one piece of the entire application you’ll submit to get into law school.

What is a Great LSAT Score?
Great Preparation will get you a great LSAT score

Also, a great LSAT score isn’t based just on numbers. Hear me out, if you want to live in a certain US region, going to a respected law school in that region matters. The school will have a ton of alumni in the State that can help you get jobs throughout your career. So a great LSAT score is a school that can get you into a school where you want to live. But, regardless of what school you just, you must prepare

How to Prepare to Get a Great LSAT Score?

Practice makes perfect, and preparing for the LSAT to get a great score is vital. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Take an LSAT preparation course,
  • Take as many timed practice exams as you possibly can,
  • Review your wrong answers on your practice test, and
  • Give yourself at least a few months to prepare for the LSAT
What is a great LSAT score

What to do if you don’t get a Great LSAT Score?

If you take the LSAT and do not get the score you want, do not feel bad because you can take it over again. Many schools now take the highest score, and going through the process again may even allow you to score higher. 

Once you get a great LSAT score, you can then take the steps to get into a US Law School. The LSAT is just one part of the entire application process.

Best of luck, and with enough hard work and preparation you will get a great LSAT score.

Geremy Johnson
Geremy Johnsonhttps://www.geremyjohnson.com/
Geremy is a lawyer based in the United States focused on global development pertaining to privacy and compliance, capacity-building through partnerships and trainings, and supporting cultural development projects for increased tourism. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for the City of Philadelphia, later moving on to help global startups and small and medium sized businesses with holistic legal strategies to launch and run operations.


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