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What Prerequisites Do I Need to Put Me on a Pre Law Track?

The prerequisites for law school typically include completing a 4 year undergraduate degree, having a certain Grade Point Average (GPA), and meeting language requirements to qualify for a US law school. In addition, it is important to take the proper courses that will adequately prepare students for law school. These prerequisites will properly place students on a pre law track. 

What is a Pre Law Track for Law School?

A pre law track is a set of classes that students take to adequately prepare them for law school. It is important to note that law school admissions are still “heavily influenced by a student’s undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score”, according to “Predicting lawyer effectiveness: Broadening the basis for law school admission decisions.” in the Law & Social Inquiry by Marjorie M. Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck. Therefore, doing well in pre law tracked courses is vital in order for a student to have the best chance at getting admitted to a law school.

What Courses are Included in a Pre Law Track for Students?

A pre law track includes the most important classes that a student needs to take to correctly prepare a student for law school. Law school courses are very different from undergraduate courses, therefore taking classes in a pre law track could be an advantage. Undergraduate courses in a pre law track typically include classes in the following subjects:

  • Political Science,
  • Philosophy,
  • Economics, and
  • English.

A strong focus on these subject areas will place students on a pre law track.

Why does Law School have Prerequisites?

Law schools have prerequisites because they need to ensure that prospective students are properly prepared to complete a law school curriculum. Law school courses can be very difficult, and following a pre law track increases the chances that a student will be able to graduate law school. Law school requires a tremendous amount of writing, reading, and critical thinking. Courses focused on these areas will allow students to have a solid foundation in what is required to complete a law school curriculum.

Does a Student Need to Follow a Pre Law Track to Get into a Law School?

No, a student does not need to follow a pre law track to get accepted into a law school. There is no required major to enter law school, and individuals have been accepted into law school with almost every major. It is advisable that a student major in a subject that they are passionate about and are confident they will have a high GPA in.


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