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What Can You Do with a Pre Law Degree?

A student that graduates with a Pre Law Degree can attend law school; become a journalist, teacher, or blogger; write documentaries; start a blog; or become a politician, legislative assistant, or diplomat. There are many careers and opportunities to pursue with a pre law degree and other related degrees. In this article, we explore these opportunities. 

Attend Law School

After graduating with a pre law degree, a common next step is to go to law school. If you want to attend a US law school, you will need to do the following:

  • Prepare and take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT),
  • Complete the application for the law school that you want to attend,
  • Gather 2-5 recommendations, and
  • Submit your degree transcripts.

Most pre law degrees will allow you to develop excellent writing skills that are desirable for other professions as well.

Become a Journalist

A pre law degree is desirable to become a journalist as you will gain experience writing and clearly explaining your points and arguments in a well-written manner. In addition, the writing skills will allow pre law students to be able to make evidence based arguments that are needed in journalism.

However, writing for a company is not the only path to income because you can write online as a blogger. 

you can become a blogger or filmmaker with a pre law degree
You can become a blogger or filmmaker with a pre law degree

Become a Blogger

Use the writing skills you have learned in a pre law curriculum as a blogger. You will need to choose a subject matter you want to write about, create a website, learn search engine optimization, and place advertisements or affiliate links on your website to monetize the blog.

You can also use your writing skills to make videos and films.

Film Documentaries or Short Films

Most students with pre law degrees have taken political science and philosophy classes. This is important because many documentaries and short films have political and philosophical elements. Therefore, having a pre law degree can be an advantage in this area. You will likely need to learn screenwriting and video editing as well.

Teach in Grade School

Having a bachelor will qualify you to teach in a K – 12 grade school in the US. A degree in pre law will likely qualify you to teach English, history, or law. You will need to take the teacher certification exam in the State you would like to teach in.

Politician or Legislative Assistant

Majoring in pre law will be a great degree if you want to become a politician or legislative assistant. These professions deal with making laws in some capacity, and you would likely have taken some political science classes as part of your pre law degree.

Other Top Pre Law Majors

A pure pre law degree may not be offered at every US university. If it is not offered, you can major in other areas such as Political Science, Philosophy, or Economics. These degrees will also allow you to pursue many of the above career professions. In addition, you can attend other graduate schools to obtain an MBA or Ph.D degree as well. 

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